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Thyme Marketing is the UK leader in sales and marketing to the organic food and natural health industry. We are experts in helping prominent and emerging brands maximise their potential. Our full spectrum of services has evolved over the last 12 years and by becoming a Partner, you will have the full time use of our dedicated sales team, which will help establish your range in stores, retain permanent shelf space and augment sales during this period.

Linwoods on the Thyme Marketing Stand at Natural & Organic Products 2019 Puro on the Thyme Marketing Stand at Natural & Organic Products 2019

Field Sales Presentation Service

Sales Presentations

  • 8 week call cycle of approx. 450 health food store retailers across UK and Ireland
  • Team of experienced sales people representing your brand
  • Telesales personnel to support the sales team
  • Access to sales team at regular sales meetings

SalesThyme Presentations

All presentations are conducted via iPad using our in-house built order/presentation system called SalesThyme.

Orders are taken in store and then transferred to one of the main UK health wholesalers for processing, all orders are tracked and traced with a 100% delivery rate.

Regular Sales Call Functions

  • Target existing and new accounts
  • Ensure continued shelf space and development of the brand and products in store
  • Merchandise all stores with POS for the range
  • Ensure brand awareness for new product launches
  • Where applicable, set up of bespoke promotions
  • Transfer orders direct to wholesale

Sales Reports & Brand Feedback

  • Sales reports are issued on a regular basis, which includes sales figures by individual sku and quantity of sales broken down by product, by retailer and by wholesaler.
  • Brand Feedback provides essential feedback on your current stock situation in store, who your competitors are, and what the opportunities/challenges are for your brand.

Marketing Support

  • Email Marketing - Thyme has an extensive retail email database of 900 plus stores across the UK and Ireland, emails are sent out twice a week and include all of our current brand information/promotions.
  • Social Media – Thyme have their own profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we have a high following on all social platforms. We use these to promote our current brands and to keep retailers and consumers up to date with the latest brand information.

Thyme Store B2B Website

In 2018 Thyme launched their own B2B website, the website allows retailers to access our current cycle promotions at their convenience 24/7. All brands are automatically included on the site as part of our contract and we actively encourage stores to visit the site throughout the cycle to place top up transfer orders.

Market Research

If you would like to find out more about the natural health sector and what the opportunities may or may not be for your brand, before committing to a contract you may wish to consider our Market Research option first.

Research is fundamental to any brands growth and development and our system allows us to gather this important information direct from retail store buyers/owners. Whether it is a simple, ‘are you interested in this type of product’, ‘which products does a store list’, ‘who is your main competition’ or ‘which new flavor would you like to see in the range’ these are examples of some of the questions our experienced team have collected on behalf of brands.

Yogi Tea on the Thyme Marketing Stand at Natural & Organic Products 2019

Client Testimonials

I was initially introduced to Rachel and the Thyme Marketing team through the recommendations of the leading health food wholesalers and some of the key retailers. That was a number of years ago and now I view Thyme as an integral part of Yogi Tea's plans to build brand awareness and distribution in the UK independent health food trade. In that time, they have expanded their range of services and also have the experience and flexibility to tailor-make a project to fit the brand owner's objectives. The team have become excellent brand ambassadors and provide valuable feedback and with good quality analysis.

Peter Otto - Yogi Tea

The team at Thyme Marketing have been a great extension to our own sales team working to a set of agreed joint KPIs. This has enabled us to get first hand information from the decision makers on key strategic initiatives.

Patrick Turner - Faith in Nature

We initially decided to look at using Thyme Marketing instead of hiring another worker. This took out all of the time we would have spent training them up, but also allowed us instant access to several well trained members of sales staff representing the Equal Exchange brand to shops that they already had very strong relationships with. It was a very simple process indeed. They are all very thorough and professional at what they do, everything is organised into monthly processes and the detail in reports and feedback is incredibly useful for brands, like ours, to take on board. We appreciate the relationship we've built which is both friendly and efficient. We have certainly seen the upside in working with Thyme and their team.

Josh Pitts - Equal Exchange

Pulsin’s partnership with Thyme Marketing has significantly raised the sales, distribution and profile of our brands within the natural health retail sector. For me, the things that stand out are: quality of feedback and IT system, sales support for new product launches, multi channel approach to sales e.g. visits, calls, online. I would also add the feedback from the Thyme team has helped us modify our existing sales proposition and inform NPD projects.

Simon Ashburner - Pulsin
Faith In Nature on the Thyme Marketing Stand at Natural & Organic Products 2019 Fiskolia on the Thyme Marketing Stand at Natural & Organic Products 2019

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