Thyme Marketing have built SalesThyme from scratch to fit a specific need for any sort of sales team. We can also customise it to fit your sales requirements and your order processing methods.

Its main function is to replace paper based order taking by salespeople out visiting customers. Thyme Marketing has designed and built SalesThyme to work online within a cloud based environment. It has been optimised for tablet use, which allows the user easy access when they are out on the road. The salesperson can use the visit section of the system to take live orders while interacting with your customers. After the salesperson has completed the visit, they are sent immediately back to administration for order processing.

It also allows the salesperson to capture valuable information and feedback about the products they are selling. This is then record straight into the centralised database immediately.

Reporting is also a core feature of the system, allowing admin users to view product sales, customer order details and product feedback reports. Admin or sales managers are then able to track performance and identify possible issues with products, as well as see how their sales team is performing.

Salesperson Features:

  • Product offers & news can be displayed directly to your customer from an online presentation over WiFi or the mobile data networks (3G/4G).
  • Completely customised to your sales process needs, including branding and corporate colour theming.
  • The system holds unique product codes, pricing, descriptions, images etc along with all your customer information.
  • Detailed functionality to store customer feedback about product brands.
  • A full range of customer details you may record like addresses, telephone, contact names, emails etc. We can also add further customised information relevant only to your business throughout the system. All this data will also be available to record and report on.
  • Online diary – Recording visit history and sales for reference.

Admin features:

  • This area enables instant content updates to all aspects of the system. This includes promotional information and product changes, which are instantly visible to the sales team.
  • Orders completed in-store and instantly visible to administration for processing, including email notification.
  • Full reporting to allow detailed views of sales performance, exportable to Excel for further use.
  • Monitor your sales team and the visits they’re performing in real time.

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