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At Thyme Marketing we believe that food that is planted, naturally grown, harvested and delivered from surrounding fields must be better than by industrial means

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SalesThyme is a unique in house built online presenter, catalogue and sales order processing system. SalesThyme was designed in-house for our sales team to use in store. SalesThyme allows us to conduct sales presentations, gather valuable market research, store retailer details, view previous order history and MOST importantly process transfer orders direct to wholesale from the store on the same day!

This unique system also produces regular sales and marketing reports for all of our partners. The reports contain detailed information about value of sales, number of products sold and key feedback about your products from the store buyer.


The system is now also available to purchase as a licensed product to any company with any size sales team:

System benefits:

  • Operates using 3G/4G or wifi
  • Monitor your sales team/visits in real time using the system
  • Bespoke design and branding in your corporate colours
  • System holds all unique product codes, pricing, product descriptions and images
  • Admin area – Enabling instant content updates and promotions to be updated for the sales team to view
  • Online diary – recording visit and sales history
  • Storage of customer details, addresses, telephone, email, contact names etc.
  • Orders completed in store and instantly emailed to central location for processing
  • Detailed record of customer feedback

For an informal chat and to see a demo of the system please contact us.