Responsive Website Design

At this current period in time, having a Responsive Website is really a must have requirement. A site built without a responsive layout is going to impact heavily on a mobile or tablet users experience. In some cases this could lead to visitors giving up on your site from the start!

This is especially true for e-commerce websites due to the massive growth of people shopping on their mobile phone.

Whatever the style and purpose of your website, the design must have a user friendly interface. And it’s imperative that it works on the viewer’s screen, no matter the size. This is where a well built responsive website comes into its own. It makes sure all the required content and functionality is at the right size, making it readable and usable.

The list of devices is always growing, from different desktop monitors, to tablets then down to mobile devices. Screen sizes are always changing, so it’s important that your site can adapt to any device, now or in the future.

At Thyme Maketing we strive to create amazing designs and implement beautiful websites that work no matter the device.

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