Brand Orders

Field Sales Presentation Service

The Thyme team collaborates with the UK's top wholesalers within the natural channel, including CLF Distribution, Suma Wholefoods, Hunts Group, Essential, Infinity, Dundeis (July 23 onwards). Wholefoods Wholesale Ireland and Independent Irish.

Its wealth of expertise in this arena means that each year it efficiently handles transfer orders worth hundreds of thousands of pounds with these wholesalers.

If your brand is listed with any, or all of these wholesalers, the Thyme team will play a pivotal role in boosting your sales, enhancing your brand awareness, and expanding your distribution reach.

Powered by its state-of-the-art CRM system, Thyme ensures that all wholesaler orders are swiftly and efficiently handled in-store on the very same day, facilitating your product reaching the shelves at the earliest opportunity.

Its meticulous approach enables your product to seamlessly transitions onto the shelves, maximising visibility and guaranteeing swift availability for consumers without any delay.

If you aspire to amplify your brand presence across UK stores then reach out to Thyme's expert team today. With a proven, seamless track record of success, they possess the knowledge and expertise to help your brand thrive and flourish.