Bespoke Web Applications

Thyme Marketing's development service is here to help you save time and money by creating online cloud based bespoke web applications. Also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), they can help to streamline and modernise the way you conduct business. Our bespoke web applications are online 24/7, in the cloud, so can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. It can allow both internal and external (your customers) users access from anywhere, on any device.

They will take frustrating and clunky tasks and give your customers or team a better way to deal with your business online. The bespoke web application is there to fulfil a need, so can be developed with everything in mind from the start, or can be brought together in a phased approach. The design of the application should also be as elegant as the development, and we will strive to work closely with you to produce a bespoke system to the highest standard.

Previous Bespoke Web Applications we've built:

SalesThyme (Sales Order Processing System)
We have developed a sales order processing system built from the ground up to aid sales teams take orders while visiting customers. These orders, as well as valuable customer feedback are recorded straight into an online system that can be processed immediately by administration back at the office. To find out more about SalesThyme please click here.

Customer Management System (CMS)
How about getting rid of all those spreadsheets of customer records and notes? Input them cleanly online and update them whenever you want. The system can then send emails, invoices or other types of information regularly. You can also implement a reminder system to keep customers informed of business information. You can send them an automated document, customised with their details. All these things are possible with your own customer management system!

SalesThyme (Sales Order Processing System)
Add some additional value to the service you provide by allowing your customers access to an online portal. In the simplest format this can enable them to view and download important information. This could basically cover any number of applications. For example you could allow your customers secure access to their monthly invoices. So if they needed a copy, they can log in and download it without the need to contact customer support. You could provide live updates on the service you are supplying, analytics, costings, performance etc. This can be displayed in a dynamic way, using graphs and tables gives the customer an engaging way of interacting with your business.

Training System
Create an engaging way to train and develop your staff or customers with an online training system. For example we have developed a driver training system to test their driver knowledge. The results the user archives are used to train them to help them become better drivers. This in turn hopefully reduce the risk of them having an accident on the road.

As our web applications are bespoke, we can hopefully fulfil any idea you have. To find out more please email or call on 01782 627 707, we’d love to help!